35160 Emulators

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MRPPad v 2.21 BMW dashboards 35160 D0WT emulator

Available in module "programmer":

  • BMW dashboards from August 2015 are equipped with 35160D0WT EEPROM which is not erasable and has page-id which locks this memory to its own dashboard-micro. If you need to repair such dashboard you CANNOT erase or substitute original memory with recovered/bought one. You have to emulate original memory with our emulator.
  • EEPROM 35XXX 35160 EMULATOR programming (guided procedure to clone original 35160 D0WT EEPROM and copy in emulator, erase, modify, write, content and ID Page) via XEP100Prog interface

MRPPad v 2.21 BMW quadri strumenti emulatore 35160 D0WT XEP100Prog VIDEO LINK